Another FRESH 48 !!! { Edward Hospital - Naperville, IL }

In-hospital sessions are so so special. Yes, I realize you probably reflect on the shoots you’ve had in the hospital where the company that contracts with the hospital barges in and you feel disheveled and overwhelmed, but I’m here to tell you…you can take control of your photo story and come away with something to cherish forever and ever. Honestly, when I get to do them, I get emotional…and they’re not even my babies!! This family, however, has a special place in my heart and I felt so grateful to share in this magical time with them. I have photographed this family since baby #1 was born. Obviously they are completely and utterly adorable, but in addition to that they are incredibly sweet and genuine which are things I hold dear in clients. As I’m starting on this journey of capturing not only photographs but short films as well, I am falling more and more in love with the medium and the new challenge! *Spoiler alert* outdoor family films will be debuting this Summer!!!!!