Fresh 48 { Downer's Grove, IL & Geneva, IL Photographer }

Have I already mentioned that Fresh 48’s are my favorite?!? Because they so ARE!! It is so very special to get the opportunity to shoot my clients in those fleeting first hours after a new baby. I have to say that this baby’s mama made all the right choices…!!!

Another FRESH 48 !!! { Edward Hospital - Naperville, IL }

In-hospital sessions are so so special. Yes, I realize you probably reflect on the shoots you’ve had in the hospital where the company that contracts with the hospital barges in and you feel disheveled and overwhelmed, but I’m here to tell you…you can take control of your photo story and come away with something to cherish forever and ever. Honestly, when I get to do them, I get emotional…and they’re not even my babies!! This family, however, has a special place in my heart and I felt so grateful to share in this magical time with them. I have photographed this family since baby #1 was born. Obviously they are completely and utterly adorable, but in addition to that they are incredibly sweet and genuine which are things I hold dear in clients. As I’m starting on this journey of capturing not only photographs but short films as well, I am falling more and more in love with the medium and the new challenge! *Spoiler alert* outdoor family films will be debuting this Summer!!!!!

Gorgeous Baby Girl - { Geneva, IL Newborn Photographer }

Sometimes I have a shoot that just reminds me how much I LOVE what I do and this was one of those! Beautiful baby… beautiful, sweet family and mom was on the same page style-wise with everything i love!

Newborn babies & FRESH 48's { Geneva, IL newborn photographer }

In the last year I’ve discovered a LOVE for fresh 48 sessions. There’s something magical about stripping away all of the usual set-up and expectations of studio newborn sessions and capturing those raw, real, emotional first hours with new babies and their families. When this family booked theirs I was so excited because they are some of my favorite clients and I knew I would be documenting something they would treasure always. I also took the opportunity to add in something BRAND NEW that I’m offering *drumrollll* FRESH 48 FILMS!!!! See below for what I’m talking about!

LL (36).jpg

SENIOR PHOTOS...& New Year's Resolution fails! { Geneva, IL Senior Photogrpaher }

Ok, I’m the first to admit I’m awful at keeping New Year’s resolutions! This year started off with me saying I was going to blog more…blog EVERY shoot, in fact. It is now February 16th and this is my first blog post of the year *yikes*

So I’m starting off with a good one! This shoot brings me back to sunshiny days, flowers and all the things I love about my town, Geneva, Illinois!! In case you’ve never been (or just never took a minute to appreciate it) Geneva is overflowing with charm, character, small shops, ice cream, and a feeling like you’re always on vacation when walk around Third St. That’s why over the past year I’ve really started embracing it and shooting here more. This senior shoot was one of my favorites ever ever! This young lady is a true beauty and so kind hearted and we had a blast.

Giggles & frogs & creeks...oh my! { Geneva, IL family photography }

I absolutely adore this family! They are everything you can hope for in a client…sweet, stylish and most of all full of energy and PERSONALITY!!! Let’s face it, boys of pretty much any age are not the biggest fans of picture day. We wanted to have some fun so we added a little adventure to our shoot ;)

SIMPLICITY SESSIONS Are Here...And You Need One!

One thing I REALLY wanted to do this year is to add some options for simple and beautiful portraits at my studio. No elaborate set-ups or crazy props, just pure personality on display. What I came up with were my new SIMPLICITY SESSIONS. They are perfect for milestone photos. We do a set on a dark backdrop and a set on a light backdrop and it's all about precious little faces.


The other thing these shoots offer is an included 11x14 art print...because everyone needs more beautifully PRINTED photos in their life!!!

My Studio.....My Happy Place!

If you've ever driven through downtown Geneva, you've no-doubt noticed the beautiful bright teal building just a couple of doors down from the old movie theatre marquee....that's my studio where all of the photo magic happens! I've been in my space since 2011 and I figured it was about time I shared it so everyone can see! If you are a returning client, you recognize a lot of the props and scenery, but if you are a new client, please take a peek and get your portrait dreams flowing :)

New Adventures In Newborn Photography!!! {Geneva, IL Newborn Photographer}

It's always tough as a photographer to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big time planner and, at least when it comes to my photos, a control freak. Those are things that made me really hesitant to start offering Fresh 48 sessions. Over the last several months I've been working alongside Tina at Cloud Nine Birth Services ... ( you may have seen our new blog Fox Baby Collective ;) ) and she convinced me I needed to take my work into the hospital. So I did it...and I'm so beyond excited about this new service I will be offering!!! It's an intimate experience and a chance to capture those precious first hours with your little bundle.

Springtime in Geneva ...& babies!!! { Geneva, IL newborn photographer }

There's something so magical about my little town in Springtime. Geneva is always the cutest place ever, but once the weather gets nice and blooms are blooming, it's so comforting to walk the sidewalks or hop on my bike and ride to town to get ice cream :D

When my good friends had their baby, I was still in studio mode from the Winter. She rocked her studio session with flying colors. So I decided we needed to take things outside! I'm sooo glad I did (and that they went along with it)! This is one of my favorite shoots to date, and BONUS, it was for some of my favorite people ;)

Beautiful newborn girl boom continues...and I'm loving it! { Naperville, Illinois newborn photographer }

February 2016 is the month of the babies...I don't know WHAT was going on 9 months ago, but the babies just keep coming! It's amazing how much luck I've had with all of the beautiful little girls. This family has always been a favorite of mine...they're cute, sweet & clearly have great taste :)

Beautiful baby bliss! { Chicago, Illinois newborn photographer }

When my friends Ann & Kam (amazing wedding photographers from      announced they were having a baby, I immediately crossed my fingers hoping I'd get picked to photograph their new bundle! Not only are they super sweet, but super I just KNEW their baby would be a stunner...and I was totally right;) Although it was clear they were running on zero sleep the day of the shoot, they were such great sports letting me rearrange their furniture and steal stems from their floral arrangements.

Easter Minis Coming Soon!!! { Geneva, Illinois baby photographer }

Easter minis are always tricky because A) Easter is always still cold and/or brown and B) I can't in good conscience bring helpless, innocent bunnies and chicks to the hands of well-meaning and "loving" as they are, inevitably kids that young will grab and yank those poor little guys! Not to mention the diseases live animals can spread through scratches and bites. This year I've decided to go all out with flowers...the most Spring-like thing I can think of! Minis will be happening March 12th at my studio in Geneva :)

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